Why Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)?

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW) is the hot spot for real estate in North America. The DFW market also ranks 3rd highest in terms of attracting foreign investments in 2013 with over US$8 billion invested into the DFW market.

DFW is attractive based on the following reasons:

Areas we are familiar in the DFW:

North Side

1. Plano – Lots of Headquarters already, new HQs also moving here including Toyota and State Farm who are moving their North America HQs to Plano.

The Plano Area is divided into West Plano and East Plano areas. The West Plano areas is a high in demand, but hard to get market due to lots of home buyers.

The East Plano is an up and coming area with investment opportunities, and rising rental as well.

2. Richardson – Older and well established neighborhoods with great schools. The University of Texas Dallas (UTD) is also located here on the Campbell Road with very large campus and thousands of students.

UTD has created a second market from students, and this area is well known for strong rentals both from students and families.

It is also where the “Telecom Corridor” is – with large concentration of telecommunications and electronics companies headquartered here.

3. McKinney – McKinney is very popular for home buyers – homes between $200,000 and $300,000 usually attract multiple buyers and can be sold in a matter of hours if the conditon is good. This is a good area to consider if you are looking to relocate to Dallas as the homes here are grand looking, ofte with 2 floors and maybe with swimming pool, the schools are top-notch schools and many are located within community which is very safe for children to attend.

4. Allen – Also voted as one of the best places to raise family in America as in the case of McKinney. Allen is also very convenient as it has large shopping areas including Premium Outlet Mall and several large shopping plazas and shopping villages. The place is conveniently located between major highways and as a center to major employment centers in Plano, McKinney and Frisco. This is a very popular area for families relocating to Texas.

North / East / North East

3. Garland – Garland is located on the East side. The area is an up and coming city with many newer homes at affordable price in North Garland, with easy access to employment centers in Plano and Richardson, and North Garland has also many new developments happening.

The southside of Garland is kind of a mixed zones, but with many families seeking for rental properties.

Garland School District allows students to choose their own school, so they can travel to better schools within the district. Furthermore, there are some very good STEM academies and schools in Garland as well.

4. Mesquite – Also in the east side – Mesquite has some very nice homes, and it has newer homes as well. The rental market in Mesquite is very good, and amongst one of the highest in the DFW area. A few years ago, there were hardly homes renting above $1,000 a month, now there are hardly any homes below $1,200 a month!

Mesquite is attractive for families as it is a convenient location and very leafy and suburban, it also has its own airport which is also creating more business and employment opportunities.

5. Rowlett – Rowlett is on the North Easterside – this is a nice area closer to the lakes. It has good school district and a more rural style living which many families prefer to stay away from the noise and also enjoy the lakeside type of lifestyle. Rowlett’s rental market is also very steady and have consistent demand for rental properties on both sides of Rowlett. The schools here tend to be more closer together which is very convenient for families.

6. Sachse – Sachse is a small and relatively unknown area for many. This is a small suburban area with good schools and very clean neighborhood. The schools are within walking distance to each other (Elementary – Middle School – High School) and the facilities are very new. This is a popular area for families who want quiet lifestyle but with short commuting distance to major employment areas. This is a very popular area where properties usually get sold within a few hours.


7. Carrollton – Carrollton is a very nice area popular for families, it is conveninently situated between major intersections. It also has many local employment areas and growing number of businesses are setting up over there including around H-Mart, the Asian supermarket giant which has transformed nearby plazas into new retail locations. The schools in Carrollton are also good with many parks, this is an ideal location for many families.

8. Arlington – Arlington is a fast growing area, it is well-known for its ballpark (For Texas Rangers) and also 6-Flag Amusement Park. Arlington is also where UT Arlington is based, which is a major magnet to attract renters. Properties near UT Arlington are always in hot demand, and you can see a mix of single family homes and also duplexes and multi-family apartment buildings tailored for students or young professionals. Arlington also has many industries especially the aerospace industries.

9. The Colony/Lewisville/ Coppell/Flower Mound – These areas are located on the lake district, popular for families who want a more relaxed lifesyle and enjoy the lakeviews. The school districts in most of these areas are also very good, and they are located within convenient distance to major employment centes to Frisco, Plano, Fort Worth, Arlington. This is a popular area both for investors and home buyers.

10. Fort Worth

Fort Worth is the twin city to Dallas and it has its own employment centers and downtown areas. Fort Worth had experienced rapid population growth, with its population grew by over 40% between 2000 and 2014, and has over 800,000 people already. Fort Worth is the hub of major aerospace companies with many assembly and HQs located in Fort Worth. It also many university campuses, it is a great area for investors and families.






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