Achieving 20% rental yield – is it real?

I had been wanting to publish this article for a while but I would want to wait until I have enough own experience involving in different types of real estate before recommending to my investors / clients.

I had been investing in Youngstown OH market since October, and I gave myself 6 to 8 months to watch the market and to see how realistic to achieve 20% rental yield which is very rare for investors to hear from other markets.

Since then, I had personally invested in 14 properties in that market and had helped clients to purchase at least 20 more – and we had all achieved somewhere between 16% to 32% gross rental yield.

How can this be possible, and what are the risks?

I had been following and visiting Youngstown regularly and I am amazed by the transformation in this city – the economy is more stabilized now and more importantly, crime rate is low and rental demand has been rising strongly.

Like any other city – there are always good and bad areas – and I leared these myself – and now focus on average to upper end markets / sub-markets in the Youngstown OH market.

Our strategy is to stay away High Crime areas (like any investor), we don’t mind older homes as long as they are in good areas, and focus on Foreclosure/HUD homes in average to prestigeous areas.

Our areas include Westside, Southside, Struthers, Poland, Boardman, Canfield, Austintown and Warren.

The older homes – while more risky, can achieve better rental yield – renovation is often required, and with new updates such as electrical, furnace, plumbing – older homes can be just like newer homes  – and they can be rented out at same rent as newer homes.

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Thomas Su

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