Investor Story: Irish Investor Story

I met an Irish investor several months ago and I would like to share her story with everyone.

She started investing back in 2008, Ireland was hit with recession hard which meant the whoe country was literally bankrupt and nobody was abe to find any job there.

Many had left, they went to Australia, Canada and USA.

This investor has $200,000 savings and she had no idea what she could do – in the end, she made a bold move by starting investing in high cashflowing properties in the U.S.

She picked Youngstown, OH as her investment destination and she bought 10 properties at average price of $12,000 each property.

She was getting beween $400 to $500 a month from each property, so out of the 10 properties, she had been collecting approx. $5,500 a month in gross rent and around $4,500 in net rent.

This was a strategy for her to stay afloat and also a hedging strategy as USD was very weak at the time.

She had been collecting this rent successfully over 3 years, and by then, USD had gained strength and economy had started to kick up, so she had had started selling these properties one by one.

She had been making a modest appreciation between 10% to 12% in each property, but she was making more than 30% each year in each property, so collectively, she almost doubled her money in over 3 to 3.5 years.

As an exmaple – she bought a property for $12,000 in Youngstown

Purchase Price: $12,000

Rent over 3 years: $15,000 (Gross), Net: $11,000

Sale Price after 3 years: $14,900

Total Return: $11,000+$14,900 = $25,900

Total Return over Initial Purchase: Approx. 100% ($23,000 / $11,000) (after deducting all the fees).

So this model also works by using high rental income instead of chasing the high growth markets. Ohio is an excellent market for such rental yield, which is why we are also helping investors to purchase in these areas.

If you are interested to know more about our Ohio investment opportunities, please contact me for more details and I will add you to my distribution list.

Thomas Su


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Thomas Su is a licensd realtor in Texas, he also has partners specializes in investing and managing Ohio properties.