34 S Wickliffe Cir Austintown – Fixer Upper

Analysis – This is a fixer upper opportunity.

Analysis and Notes by our team:

This is an interesting property, 2 bedrooms, plus another smaller room either can be used as a den or as a smaller bedroom. Property needs works, it is next to a 4-plex apartment, it does share a back wall with some shops. Location is quite convenient, it does need some works especially painting and flooring, some molds can be seen in the basement, most updates are relating to cosmetic updates. It backs / shares a common fence with retail at back, which is on a main street. This street has several multi-family properties from 2-plexes to 4-plexes.

  1. Location: B, although in Austintown, it is next to a 4-plex, and next to a retail shop.
  2. Neighborhood: B+, nice, leafy, but seems to be a mixed area
  3. Configuration: B-, layout is kind of like 2.5 bedrooms, lot size is kind of strange, but lots of interior space inside.
  4. Rentability: Possibly $700 to $800 range based on our experience, though location may have a discount to the normal Austintown rent.


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