Investor Story: Australian Investor in U.S. properties

USA is a wonderful place for investments and is attracting lots of Australian investors – many had bought multiple properties in the U.S.

This is a story about an Australian retiree

John is from Tasmania, Australia, he wants to build up a strong cashflowing portfolio for his children, this is impossible to achieve in Australia, so he had decided to switch to the U.S.

His strategy has been investing in properties in Ohio and Texas – the proportion is around 60% to 40% as cashflow is more important for him.

He owns 10 propertues in total:

1) Ohio properties are generating between 15% to 18% net income each year, though the growth rate is modest at around 1% to 3% each year.

2) We the structured his investments to contain higher growth prooperties in very good areas which are appreciating between 3% to 4%, though the net income is around 13% to 16%, these areas do attract better tenants.

3) In Dallas, Texas – we had helped him to invest in some duplexes which prices around $120,000 to $140,000, and cashflowing around 15% gross and nets around 10% each year.

4) Texas is a very fast growing area so their properties are appreciating beteeen 6% to 8% a year at moment, so the appreciation rate makes up the cashflow difference compared to Ohio.

He is very happy about the return as all the properties are providing positive cashflow as opposed to negative cashflow in Australia.

As USD had also gained strength, his portfolio had grown by more than 20% including the change in exchange rate and with strong income, he had achieved over 35% growth in his asset already.

These income become a very strong part of his cashflow every month as living costs continue to climb rapidly in Australia.

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Thomas Su is licensed through Keller Williams in Dallas Texas, he is a licensed realtor in the State of Texas. He partners with other teams in Ohio and specializes in finding high-income producing properties in Ohio for investors.