Financing for Non-Resident Investors in Texas

Many foreign investors are looking for financing solution but very few banks in the U.S. provide such program for non-resident investors.

We had discussed with Cathay Bank, a Nasdaq listed bank from California who has 2 programs for non-resident investors – and they provide such program in several states.

Texas is one of the best performing markets in the U.S. now with very strong economy and fast growing in population especially Dallas – Dallas is also rated a better investment market than other Texan cities because of its diverse economy – it is not just relying on energy industry as in Houston.

Cathay Bank is able to provide financing for you if you are looking to invest in Texan properties.

They have 2 programs:

1) Non-Resident Loans – This is for investors to purchase under individual names, and loans can be up to 70% of the value (appraisal value, not the market value / purchase price).

They will use your foreign income / salary or assets as part of analysis.

2) Commercial Loan – This is a flexible program where you can apply for commercial loan under a LLC structure, and they will lend to you against the portfolio value, this is typically up to 50% of the portfolio value.

The interest rates are competitive and the terms are very flexible compared to other lenders in the U.S.

If you are interested in more information about these programs, please contact us for more information and we will make introduction for you to the loan officers over there.

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