Investment Strategy in Dallas – Portfolio Investors – Case Study – Part 2

This is our 2nd part of Case Studies on our investors – our Team has helped investors from various countries and states and local investors in building up their investment portfolio in U.S.

Case Study: Local Investor

This is a local investor who is testing the market in Dallas for the first time and using bridge loan initially to learn how the system and process works

Property 1: A condo in Garland, this was a REO property (Fannie Mae), it was purchased at $35,000 and it went through extensive renovation. Property was leased out and eventually the bridge loan was refinanced with a conventional loan to take out the bridge loan.

Property 2: A townhome in Garland, using a similar strategy – this was also a REO property (HomeSteps), it was purchased at $35,000 below market price then went through $20,000 renovation. It was not an easy renovation as there were some water issues but they were all fixed in the end. Subsequently, this property turns out to be within 5 minutes to “Insurance Corridor” of Dallas, and it was leased out to an employee who works for State Farm in the new State Farm HQ. This area then went through growth due to a number of new companies moved their HQs here, apart from State Farm, Progressive, United Healthcare, BlueCross and Raytheon had all moved into areas within 5 to 7 minutes commuting time.

Property 3: A property in Mesquite. Interestingly, the tenant was going to buy this property initially but financing fell for the tenant. This was then subsequently sold to my client with a condition tenant to remain in the property. The tenant resigned the lease, and increased the rent by $50 per month. The property turned out to be relatively maintenance free property as the tenants had been there for 6 years and had treated the property like their own home.

Case Study: Investor from China – Growth Seeker

This client is a bit different as she is going after growth only and yield is considered as 2nd priority. With this in mind, she is only seeking properties that are in good school areas with higher growth expectation. I explained the strategy to her that she is unlikely to make a strong cashflow if she purchases properties that are in high $200,000 even $300,000. I designed a strategy for her to include a property in Plano, Highland Parks and Richardson.

Property 1: Plano – she bought a $335,000 property in Plano, this is a large, 2-story, 5 bedroom home, this area is well known for elementary and middle schools.

Property 2: Richardson – I picked a property under $300,000 in JJ Pearce subdivision, one of the best neighborhoods in Richardson as JJ Pearce is well recognized as one of the best high schools in the U.S. This property turned out to be best peforming property, its value jumped 20% within 12 months due to further rising reputation of school and also lack of inventory in this neighborhood.

Property 3: A Condo right by SMU – This was a long term play, this property was bought for $245,000, with 3 bedrooms and each room was leased out to individual student separately.

Case Study: Investor from China – Growth Seeker

The client above also referred her best friend to me who wishes to build a similar strategy with similar goal in mind. I helped her in purchasing 3 properties with a bit of different strategy.

Property 1: This is in zipcode 75248 which goes to a very good elementary school – this property is an older property and needs some repainting, but the appreciation was amazing, it went up by more than 10% in just 12 months time due to lack of properties available in this area.

Property 2: This client then wants some cashflow so I helped her in buying a smaller home in Ohio which provides $675 a month in rent.

Property 3: The client then went ahead and purchased a property in Garland for $150,000, this property is more for a balanced portfolio.

So overall, this client has a property in Growth oriented, balanced and yield oriented which provides a very balanced portfolio.

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