Thomas Su Group – Dallas Property Ideas – 2-17-2016

Our team went to Mesquite today to check out a few – there are some interesting ideas for all of you.
A) 1118 Tulip Trail Mesquite
LP: $129,900
Layout: 3/2/2
Condition: Move In Condition
Status: New Listing
Size: 1,325 sq.ft
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This is the best one out of all the properties I had checked today. The property is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom property, also move-in ready condition. 
1. Attached garage (2 garages) – which is an advantage as some properties don’t have garage.
2. No cracks on driveway as first one
3. This neighborhood is getting expensive – I sold 3 properties around here recently
4. I do like the layout
5. Backyard looks clean
1. Fence probably needs some repairs eventually
2. This area is an interestong area – these streets have really nice properties comparable to this, but a few streets down – property price tend to be lower as they tend to be lower price – so depending on the direction you drive through, you could see a mix of different properties.
3. I thought the kitchen is kind of really tiny
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B) 2623 Brenda Dr Mesquite
Inline image 2
LP: $129,900
Layout: 3/2/2 (Master Bathroom is small)
Size: 1,274 sq.ft
Condition: Move In Condition
Location: Near Mesquite Valley Park, nice creek / park just around the corner – this is the northern side of Mesquite, closer to downtown, commuting distance is around 10 to 12 minutes to downtown. It is an older & established neighborhood – it’s mainly families with kids, a little bit mixed neighborhood, some properties are smaller…lots of big trees because this subdivision is older.
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1. Interior is really well maintained – laminate floor, new kitchen and NEW WINDOWS
2. Layout is simple and flows well, appear bigger than its size
3. 3 proper size bedrooms
4. Yard is a decent size
5. I do like the Park / Creek walk feeling
1. As you can see – driveway is cracked – this driveway seems to be NEVER REPAIRED, though the parking is at back
2. Garage is a detached garage – you have go out to backyard to go to garage – this is common in this area though
3. The backyard is kind of subdivided, the current owner has 4 or 5 dogs, they separate big and small dogs to 2 areas, I think it needs to be reconfigured somehow
4. Fence needs to be repaired
C) 1414 Springwood Dr Mesquite – Fixer Upper
Inline image 3
LP: $129,000
Layout: 4/2.1/2
Size:1924 sq.ft
Condition: Fixer Upper
Analysis: 1924sq.ft, sought-after Creek Crossing subdivision, this property is priced way below market price, but it needs significant foundation works – my Dropbox photos will show details of where all the cracks are.
It is back on market within 24 hours after it accepted an offer – probably due to works required. The layout of the property is very nice, all rooms are spacious with natural lights. Foundation cracks seem to be concentrated in the middle section (stariways), we went in to have a very detailed look, it is difficult to see which side is lower, as it seems there are 2 or 3 sides lower which pushes up the middle section. With this condition, this will be an interesting play – but significant foundation work is required.
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D) 1419 Uvalde Dr Mesquite – Fixer Upper
Inline image 4
LP: $164,900
Layout: 3/2/2 (also 2 living rooms and 2 dining rooms) one of the living rooms can be used as 4th bedroom
Sq.ft: 1795 sq.ft
Condition: Needs foundation works
Poteet High School location, this area is highly-sought after, with many properties above $100 per sq.ft now. This property is spacious, but requires foundation works too. My camera didn’t work at the time, so the MLS photos may not show very clear.
Foundation cracks and movements are visible in the front rooms, along a number of walls and an interior wall, however, the backside does not appear as significant – it feels the house is shifting to the front as 2 walls in one of the bedroom seems to be lifting up.
The overall property (interior wise) is pretty good, good layout, large rooms, really nice kitchen and dining area, and is within walking distance to elementary school. This is a “Fixer Upper Project” mainly foundation works, and patch up cracks and reseal the gaps, but also replace tiles and some painting.
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