1966 Medford Avenue, Youngstown, OH

Analysis: 1. Location: B, not a bad area, the area is quite peaceful and low crime
2. Neighborhood: Leafy suburban, most properties in this area is well maintained
3. Configuration: Good layout, spacious space and basement is also usable space, good garags eize
4. Rentability: $600 to $750 per month is the market rate here, this property is currently rented until March 2016.

Special Comments: Repairs were completed in 2012-2014 period, currently cashflowing until March 2016 at $625 a month.

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1725 Wellington, Youngstown, OH

  1. Location: C+ / part of Youngstown
  2. Neighborhood: C / Safe neighborhood, low crime, but not as appealing as other more expensive areas.
  3. Property Location: B, older home, but very well maintained and a lot of updates, exteriors may need some updates later on.
  4. Tenant is currently paying $550 a month

Special Notes: Sealed and painted basement which is really good for water proofing.

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Ohio Fixer Upper: 615 N Raccoon Rd, Youngstown, OH 44515

This 3 bedroom ranch needs some TLC, but what a great location. Priced to sell quick. There is a 2 car detached garage and a large lot. Electric has been upgraded.

Location: Austintown, OH (Very Good Location)

Listing Price: US$24,900 

Buyer Acquisition Fee: $1,500 (Including Project Management Fee for Renovation)

Tax Assessment Price: US$20,600 (2013) 

Sq.t Ft: 1,014 sq.ft

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1 

Basement: Yes

Garage: Detached (2 spaces)


It needs major updates – but it is a smaller property – so the updates should be reasonable.

Unknown Factors

1. Basement needs to be inspected by the inspector

2. Electrical has been updated – but furnace / AC needs to inspected as utilities have been turned off.

3. Roof condition is unknown and would require professional inspection.

Estimate Repairs:

1. Roof (Optional): $3,500

2. Furnace (Optional): $1,500

3. Painting: $1,500

4. Carpet & Flooring: $1000

5. Flooring: $1,000

6. Kitchen Update: Stove plus cabinet repainting and repairs: $1,200

7. Bathroom Update: Approx. $2,000 – we don’t think it needs a complete rehab

The above cost excludes potential repairs maybe required for basement – this is subject to inspector opinion.

Estimated (rough): $10,000 to $12,000

Savings can be achieved if roof is in acceptable condition, and also furnace.

ARV Estimate:

Comparable sales in this area – properties around 1,000 sq.ft are priced at around $50,000 to $60,000 range around this neighborhood, there was a house sold for $65,000 in this area reasonably. This property was sold for $57,400 back in 1999, and price had been climbing in this area to around 1999/2000 level.

As a conservative target – we believe the ARV will be around $55,000 range. Image1

Image 2







Ohio Cashflowing Property – 2917 Shady Run Rd,Youngstown

This is a cashflowing property, already tenanted, this is for those who are seeking immediate income opportunities.

Property Description

Cash Flow Property 3 Bedroom 1 Bath Ranch. Rent is $475 a month to YWCA Tenant currently in lease. Large Deck off the Back. Forced Air – Laundry Room – Main Floor Bathroom.

Possible Price: Approx: $23,000.

Sq.Ft: 864 sq.ft

Bedrooms: 3

Bathroom: 1

Carspace: 1

Year Built: 1958

School District: Youngstown School District

Current Rent: $475 per month

Tenant Type: Section 8 Tenant

Crime Rate: Lowest

Click Here For the Crime Rate Report

Strategy: This property is for those seeking immediate cashflowing properties – this is leased to a long term tenant. The location is an average location, the property is a small property and can be easily maintained. It is currently managed by a professional management company.






Ohio Property: 917 E. Philadelphia Ave.,Youngstown, OH 44502

Immediate monthly cash flow from this tenant occupied rental home. Four bedroom brick cape cod. Rented for $500 monthly to a long-term tenant receiving housing assistance from the YWCA.

All utilities paid for by the tenant. Very low maintenance home that just passed the annual inspection.

Priced well below the ta assessment of over $50,000.

Listing Price: $29,500

Buyer’s Acquisition Service Fee: $2,000 to RWP Global Inc. 

Other Services (optional)

1) Ohio Company Set Up and Registration

2) Renovation Project Management

3) U.S. Bank Account Set Up

Property Summary

  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Square Feet: 2,100
  • Year Built: 1946
  • Lot Size: 0.189 Acres
  • Renovation Required: None


Area: OK, Low Crime Rate

School District: OK

Property Size: Very Large (2,100 sq.ft), larger than most properties in the area.

Tenancy: Tenanted at moment

Current Rent: $500 a month (below market rent)

Market Rent: $650 a month

Condition: Updated and renovated in 2013

Insurance: Approx. $400 a Year

Tax: $1,100 a Year

*Tax is higher as the assessed value is at $50,000.

Likely Strategy: 

i) Keep the tenant for a long term – this is a long term stable Section 8 tenant


ii) Keep the tenant until lease expires later this year and re-let to other tenants at market rate.

Street View Link:


Nearby Property Comparison:

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Bathroom1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom1 Kitchen Living Room 2 Living Room Side Front