Market Summary – Area By Area


Austintown is similar to Boardman, it is regarded as one of the most affluent areas in this region. The average price is higher than most of the surrounding areas, it is common to see homes above $100,000 in this neighborhood as it is a desirable place for families, and it is also located further west, which is closer to other areas such as Akron.

Most of homes here are newer homes built in the 1960s even 1970s, there are also new developments both residential and commercial developments.

The new racino development is expected to bring economic boost for the area especially for the retail and hospitality developments.

Investment Strategies

1) Single family homes – single family homes in Austintown are good demand, we see any home priced under $40,000 sold to investors very quickly even for homes that requires renovations. It is common to see renovated homes rent for above $700 per month, so the rental yield is pretty good.

2) Smaller homes – there are some smaller 2 BR homes in some parts of Austintown – the rent for 2 bedroom homes can be as high as $600 per month, this is also popular for investors to get started in Austintown.

3) Homes that can be converted or re-zoned – as commercial development activities are starting in Austintown, investors can also consider investing in selective residential properties and re-zone them into commercial use later on. Commercial properties can usually achieve higher rental income. In Austintown, there seems to be an increasing number of restaurants and professional services firms setting up here.